What is the value of an artwork?
Who decides what the price of an artwork is?
When is it a cheap artwork and where is the the single-framed dollar just an expensive dollar?

We framed 100 dollar bills from a serie 1-100.
The price range of the dollars was completely wide.
It started from minus 100 dollars, which means, the first person who was interested in the work, got the framed/signed dollar and 100 dollars in cash.
The price got continuously bit by bit higher.
The first 10 dollars we payed the buyers, then we started to sell them:
1 cent, 3 cents, 5 cents, 13 cents, 1 dollar and so on, untill 4,5 million dollars.

We tried this experiment and the breakeven was at 298 dollars.

We sold 52 dollars at Scope New York and the income is faraway from our materialcosts.
But still, we believe that one day we will also sell number 100.

(and finally the big mess we were hoping for happened:)
But there is already a big mess in the concept of our work:
What happend to the dollar that we sold for 1.99.-, if afterwards we sell another dollar of the serie for 298.- dollars?
Do they now have the same value of 298 dollars?

The next dollar we will give to an auctionhouse in germany.
The starting price is 312 dollars.
What happens if somebody buys the dollar for 800 dollars?
Our price list would be totally out of concept. There would be about 9 dollar pieces under the pricerange.

To sell a dollar at christie's is one of the next goals in this work.
Let's see what happens, it's all a matter of time.

You see, more questions then answers...

More about the dollars here:














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